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Journey to the past with “8500 Years Tour in One Day

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's İzMiras Program offers the opportunity to experience the multi-layered history of Izmir with the "8500 Years Tour in One Day". The tour, the first of which will be held on September 2, starts with Yeşilova Mound and ends in Kemeraltı.
İzMiras Program of the Izmir Planning Agency (IZPA), established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will offer the opportunity to experience the multi-layered history of Izmir with the "8500 Years Tour in One Day". Tickets for the "8500 Years Tour in One Day", the first of which will be held on September 2, 2023, can be purchased on
“8500 Years in a Day” is one of the İzMiras Routes, which are designed intertwined with ecological corridors and consist of bus, bicycle and walking paths that connect the natural, cultural and historical layers, periphery and center of Izmir.
The oldest settlements in Izmir are visited
8500 Years in One Day Tour, one of the 9 tours planned to be organized within the scope of İzMiras Routes, brings together the historical and geographical development of the city of Izmir with the people of Izmir as a guided bus tour.
The tour starts with Yeşilova Mound, which contains the remains of the first village, revealing that the first settlement traces began approximately 8500 years ago. At the second stop of the tour, there is Yassıtepe Mound, contemporary with Troya, with its history dates back 5,000 years, and where the first step towards urbanization was taken with its walls.
In third place is the Ancient Symrna Ruins, which was built on a natural harbor with a history of 2,900 years and is one of the most important settlements of the Izmir Bay. Finally, the New Smyrna Ruins, which is the center of Ancient Smyrna and the administrative, social, cultural, political, judicial and commercial center of the city, welcomes the participants with its 2,300-year history. The tour ends in Kemeraltı. 
Accompanied by professional guides
Professional tour guides will accompany you on the tour bus departing from Kulturpark Lausanne Gate. You will take a journey from the past to the present in the tours that include Yeşilova Mound, Yassıtepe Mound, Bayraklı Mound and Agora Ruins within the borders of "İzmir Historical Port City", which are on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.
Museum Card required
It is necessary to have a Museum Card to enter the areas on the tour route. Participants who do not have a Museum Card can obtain a Museum Card in the New Smyrna Ancient City, besides the tour fee.
To participate in the 8500 Years in a Day Tour, you can buy tickets from the website or by calling 0538 097 1012. More information about the tour is on the Izmir Planning Agency's website (
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