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İZSU visitation from the French Development Agency

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The officials of the French Development Agency (AFD), which cooperates with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the field of investment for the target of sustainable urban development, visited the General Directorate of İZSU. At the meeting, within the context of the principle agreement signed in June, it was agreed upon the essential steps to establish new partnerships.
The delegation, which came to Izmir on behalf of the French Development Agency (AFD), which is known for its support for sustainable urban development investments, visited the General Directorate of İZSU within the context of the principle agreement signed with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. One of the AFD consultants,the expert of Urban Development Stéphane Milhaud, The expert of Water and Purification Thierry Le, the expert of Urban Planning Julie Brun, and the expert of Urban Implementation - Development Batuhan Akkaya took part in the 5-day visit organized to investigate the environment-oriented investments of Izmir, especially wastewater purification projects. Among the fields of work to be cooperated are issues that are directly related to Mayor  Tunç Soyer's 'Swimmable Gulf' vision, such as water, purification, solid waste and water pollution.
The details of the technical infrastructure and planning required for the implementation of the projects were discussed at the meetings, which were under the management of İZSU General Manager Ali Hıdır Köseoğlu. The methods of protecting the environment and water resources, financing of projects and budget planning were discussed.
İZSU General Manager Köseoğlu emphasized that these contacts are significant steps to achieve Izmir's environmental and urban sustainability targets. He stated that the signed principle agreement and investigative tours submit significant opportunities to improve the environmental quality of Izmir and to make the city more livable.
Collaboration for sustainable urban development
Last June, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the French Development Agency (AFD) signed a principle agreement for urban investments, for sustainable urban development. Within the context of the agreement signed on 16 June 2023, it was decided to work together in the programs that include the projects to be carried out in the field of water and purification in Izmir. The agreement,which was signed within the context of the Paris contacts of Mayor Tunç Soyer, is evaluated as a significant step to ensure the sustainable development of the city under the guidance of the improvement of the water quality, biological diversity and climate crisis measures of the Izmir Gulf.
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