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İzmirli are now in Canada and America

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The works initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer with the aim of "making İzmir producer an exporter" are bearing fruit. Pasta made from karakılçık wheat with a history of 8,000 years and offered for sale under “İzmirli” brand, and four different kinds of cheese produced from goat and sheep milk were exported to the United States and Canada. Mayor Soyer said, “Our small producer from İzmir is now an exporter to America and Canada. The products produced by our farmers with a lot of effort made their first intercontinental journey under “İzmirli” brand. This pride is ours," he said.
Through the agricultural projects created with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible" of Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the small producer is now on the way to become an exporter. The 8 thousand-year-old İzmirli brand karakılçık wheat crossed the ocean and reached America and Canada as a healthy and delicious pasta. The cheeses of the “İzmirli” brand, which is the final product of the Mera İzmir project, in which all milk purchases are made from cooperative members and family businesses, and the small producer is supported, are also on the foreign market. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “It is now possible to see İzmirli brand even at the end of the world. Our brand “İzmirli”, where we offer our farmers' local products for consumption, was exported to America and Canada and presented to the world market. "We are proud to announce our name to the world market once again," he said. 
“Our export activities will continue”
The world now knows four different kinds of cheese from İzmir, produced from goat and sheep milk, as well as İzmirli brand karakılçık pasta, which attracts the attention of consumers due to its protein content, nutritiveness and ancestral seeds. Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the small producer from İzmir is now an exporter and said, “The products produced by our farmers with a lot of effort made their first intercontinental journey under the İzmirli brand. In the coming period, we will continue our export efforts to ensure that the products with the brand of Izmirli are placed in the markets in many cities of the world.” 
Reached 12 thousand acres
The story of the 8,000-year-old seed karakılçık wheat, which emerged with the seed exchange event initiated by Mayor Tunç Soyer in 2011 during the Seferihisar Mayoralty, is spreading around the world. The adventure, which started with a bag of seeds in Seferihisar Gödence village, has now spread to 12 thousand decares of land. 
As in meat and dairy products, the Metropolitan Municipality, which provides free seed support to producers by signing a purchase guarantee contract for karakılçık wheat, has put into effect the "double price" policy for the project to become widespread. 80 tons of karakılçık rye and sedge rye seeds were planted on an area of 4 thousand decares in 2022 and a support of approximately 4 million liras was provided to the farmer. In the harvest of 2022, 350 tons of product was obtained and some of these seeds were distributed for the 2023 production season to be planted on approximately 12 thousand acres.
More than 25 million lira will be paid
Turkey's largest local seed movement was signed with over 1,500 tons of products, reaching a record number in the harvest period of karakılçık wheat, which was planted on 12 thousand decares with more than 500 producers for 2023. Mayor Soyer said, “We will pay our producers over 25 million liras based on this year's price expectations.”. 
People's Grocery and
İzmirli branded karakılçık pasta, which was launched at the Terra Madre İzmir fair and offered to consumers, is made with flour obtained from karakılçık wheat and produced in stone mills, without additives, without preservatives. Healthy and safe İzmirli pasta is on the shelves with Penne, Fusulli, Tagliatelle, Flat, Barley Noodles, varieties for Children and vegetable options. İzmirli Pasta can be purchased at People's Grocery Stores and on the website.
Izmirli dairy products are also on sale 
With the Mera İzmir project initiated by Mayor Tunç Soyer, 5 million milk purchases were made in the first three months of 2023, and small producers were supported. This year, 32 million liras of milk will be collected. Within the scope of the Mera İzmir project, a contracted milk production agreement is signed with the producers through cooperatives. Producers are asked to produce environmentally friendly and healthy milk that meets the criteria of Another Agriculture is Possible. 
Milk from the producer, by converting into UHT milk can, UHT milk bag, pasteurized milk glass, Izmir mozzarella, burrata cheese, white cheese, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, breaded, dil, bryndza, kashkaval/gruyere cheese, ice cream, cream, butter and yoghurt and similar products, will continue to be brought together with domestic and foreign consumers under brand of Izmirli. Milk will start to be processed at the Bayındır Milk Processing Factory, which was established by the Metropolitan Municipality in the coming days. At the Dairy Processing Factory, which has a milk processing capacity of 100 tons per day, approximately 35 million liters of milk will be processed annually, of which 10 million liters will be sheep, goat and buffalo milk. All milk and meat products offered for sale under the İzmirli brand can be accessed at People's Grocery Stores and on the website.
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