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International Pandemic Conference in İzmir...

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The effects of the pandemic that shook the world and measurements to be taken against it will be discussed in the “World Pandemic Conference” which will be held in İzmir.

The conference which will be organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Infectious Diseases Prevention Association and the Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Association will be held online between the dates 22th and 24th of June. The videos of the conference will be broadcasted via İZFAŞ’s “Digital İzmir Fair” infrastructure via İzmirtube
While stating that they have implemented “Crisis Municipality” application which has no other example in Turkey with a very fast institutional renewal in accordance with the pandemic conditions in İzmir, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said the following; “We inspired not only Turkey, but also the world with the solutions we have produced during the pandemic. The lessons that we have learned from this pandemic on a global, national and local scale are really important considering the possibility of encountering similar pandemics in the up-coming years. We are happy to host the “World Pandemic Conference” in our city which puts health in the center of its vision and which is a member of World Health Organization (WHO) European Healthy Cities Network. I believe the outputs of this conference will be a road map for the measures taken against possible pandemics that we may experience in the future.”

In the first pandemic conference to be held globally; on the first day “Global Struggle Against the Pandemic”, “Local Management During Pandemic”, on the second day “Psychological and Social Effects of the Pandemic”, “Work Life and Business World in Pandemic”, “Reflection of Pandemic on the Economy” and on the third day “Travel, Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy in Pandemic” and “New Normal after the Pandemic” will be discussed with the experts on aforementioned subjects. The results and road map charter will be shared at the end of the conference.

The World Pandemic Conference will welcome important speakers. The following experts will take place as speakers on the specified topics: on “Global Struggle Against the Pandemic” Prof. Eskild Petersen, Prof. Dr. Önder Ergönül from Europe Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Association, Prof. Walter Riccardi, Prof. Bettina Borisch and Helen Yang from Sinovac; on “Psychological and Social Effects of the Pandemic” session Prof. Dr. Nebi Sümer, Dr. Yankı Yazgan; on “Work Life and Business World in Pandemic” session Numan Özcan from International Labour Organization Turkey Office, İ. Hasan Bağdınlı from KPMG Turkey, Serkan Ercin, Robert Bolton from KPMG LLP; on “Reflection of Pandemic on the Economy”, Mukesh Chawia from World Bank, Taufiq Rahim from Globesight, Oğuzhan Karakuş from Cambridge University; on “Travel, Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy in Pandemic”, Firuz B. Bağlıkaya from TÜRSAB, Communications and Public Relations Senior Manager Serdar Alyamaç from Sunexpress; on “New Normal after the Pandemic” Prof. Dr. Özcan Sarıtaş, Prof. Ian Douglas Miles and Joe Ravetz from Manchester University. In “Local Management During Pandemic” session, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek will give a speech.
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