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IMATECH - Industrial Production Technologies Fair opened its doors

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IMATECH, which agglomerates the machine and production sectors – The Industrial Production Technologies Fair opened its doors at the Fair Izmir. At the fair held for the first time; All industrial systems needed for the factories of the future are also included besides the leading companies in the production of machinery and its parts bring together.
IMATECH, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the cooperation of IZFAS - Izgi Fair Organization, and with the support of 4M fair organization; The Industrial Production Technologies Fair opened its doors with the ceremony held in Fair İzmir. The Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Özuslu ; the Mayor of Gaziemir , Halil Arda ; the President of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Selami Özpoyraz ; the President of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, İbrahim Gökçüoğlu; İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone , the Chairman of the Board of Directors Cenk Karace ; the Provincial Chairman of the IYI Party , Sinan Bezircilioğlu ; the General Manager of IZFAŞ, Canan Karaosmanoğlu Alıcı ; the co-founder  of Izgi Fairs , Mustafa Kemal Hisarcıoğlu ; the representatives of chambers, the representatives of political parties , the industrialists and the representatives of industry participated to the inaugural.
Appreciation  to the industrialists
The Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Özuslu spoke at the ceremony and thanked all industrialists who add value and employment to the country through their production. The Deputy President Özuslu said that “ We are together with industrialists in such a fair. We are with people whose hands will be kissed thanks to the added value and employment what they produce. IZFAŞ held 30 fairs here last year. This means more publicity and  trade of İzmir.  In that respect, it is good that this fair ground was built , God bless those who built it . By enwidening this area, we are trying to back up everyone. Whoever has contributed to this fair, whoever put a brick here ; thank you all “.
If we produce , we will be in existence.
Özuslu emphasized that 100 years later, the Economics Congress convened again in İzmir, and the industrialists, the traders, the producers, the peasants, everyone who put their hand in the development of the country came together at the 2nd Century Economics Congress. “This is so valuable. We had a very big earthquake. There will be natural disasters, earthquakes ; It is also expected in Izmir,  Scientists say this. There are also active fault lines in İzmir. The Industrialists in the region were affected negatively  by the earthquake. When there is an earthquake in regions such as Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, and Izmir, which are primarily Turkey's industrial centres, we should assess our preparedness. It should be also examined the management of industrial facilities and the organized industrial zones. As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , we are doing free building risk assessment. Do this risk assessment.  Let's take precautions. It has been seen that 70% of the 33 thousand buildings examined in Bayraklı are not at an sufficient level in terms of engineering services and earthquake resistance. Let's make every factory we build more durable from now on. Let industry and production survive in a possible earthquake. Because;  we will be in existence, if we produce. In addition to the loss of life in the earthquake, there will be also economic devastation, which is very difficult to overcome” he said.
This fair is very significant.
İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, the Chairman of the Board Cenk Karace; stated that he is also a machine manufacturer. ““There is no place where machines are not. There are machines in every field of ​​our life, at every point, in everything, in every need. From grinding flour to producing shoes,  to producing telephones, in every field. There are companies that make the life of machine manufacturers easier when you come to this fair. This fair is very significant, If we plan to meet the deficit in machinery exports and imports. The Companies that will meet the deficit this technology gap are inside. As a mechanic , we are very open to technologies that make our lives easier, I think this is a very significant factor in increasing exports. We welcome all machinery manufacturers to the fair. We are working hand in hand to bring the sector to better places and we hope that there will be  more of the fair, which was held for the first time this year”, he said.
The rate of exports to imports is increasing.
The Co - Founder of Izgi Fairs, Mustafa Kemal Hisarcıoğlu said that ; “Turkey has made a significant breakthrough in machinery production and exports in recent years. In parallel with the increase in production capacity, The increase of  trend in imports proceeds. While all our machinery exports exceed the threshold of 25 billion dollars today, our imports have been materialized as 37 billion. The rate of exports to imports are heightening day by day. It is presumed that the gap between imports and exports will decrease in the coming years. We also see the support of our machinery industry today,  in all kinds of industrial productions that we export from furniture to textiles, from food to medicine, from jewelry to mining, from automotive to many different fields. We anticipate that our IMATECH exhibition will meet the expectations of our exhibitors and visitors. We wish success to all our participating companies.”
The 114 companies participated.
The 114 domestic and foreign companies are participating to the fair, which will last for four days. In addition to the participants from several provinces of Turkey; the companies from Germany, the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, Poland and Taiwan also take part in the fair. More than the 200 brands of these companies will convene with professional visitors.The IMATECH Fair is open to visit between 10.00-18.00,  in Fuar Izmir B Hall. It is expected to visit the fair thousands of people from all over our country and from 18 countries including Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, China, France, Ireland, Kazakhstan.
The New collaborations will be affiliated.
At the fair attended by the leading companies of the sector, visitors will have the chance to contrast such as acquiring knowledge about machines and systems, exposuring the new products, services and technologies, and improving the quality of products and services. The Products and services at the fair will assist visitors to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of their businesses.
The IMATECH Fair, which will also pave the way for commercial agreements with bilateral meetings, besides establishing new collaborations, it will also contribute to the sector's reaching its annual trade targets, increasing its turnover, expanding exports and employment. With the potential revealed by the fair, ıt is aimed to grow the sector, to contribute to the city economy in the long term, and to enable new investment opportunities to emerge.
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