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Greetings from Cuba…

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Luis Alberto Amoros, the Cuban Ambassador in Ankara, paid a courtesy visit to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Juan Carlos Marsan, the Cuba Communist Party’s Central Committee Foreign Relations Vice President, and Liliam Mendoza Estrada, a Member of the Cuba Parliament, and Abel Martinez Grandio, the 3rd Secretary of the Embassy, attended to this courtesy visit.

The Ambassador Amoros Nunez noted that this is his first visit in Izmir and that the city is very beautiful and the people of Izmir are friendly, just like the Cubans. The visiting Ambassador said he brought “Greetings” to the people of Izmir from Cuba and mentioned that they want to import from Turkey, a country with a diverse range of agricultural products. “We love Cuba very much.

A lot of tourists from Turkey visit your country. We expect the Cubans to visit our country and city” said Dr. Sırrı Aydoğan, the Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
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