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Francis Fukuyama: “the Reconstructing democracy is significant”

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By Speaking at the Second Century Economics Congress, the Faculty Member of  Stanford University Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama, who recalls  the upcoming general elections, remarked that “Turkey has a fortune to regenerate the democracy and base it upon better basics. There is esperance that the oppositioning party will win the election. The reconstructing of democracy is substantial. It is significant  to ensure the transmission to democracy again”.
The third day of the Second Century Economics Congress, hold by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "We Are Building the Turkey of the Future", has ended with the speech of Professor Dr. Francis Fukuyama from Stanford University.  Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama who  participates to the congress online,  gave a presentation entitled “Global Politics, Democracy and Turkey”. Francis Fukuyama said that he is delighted to attend the congress. By evoking the earthquakes, the epicentrum of which was in Kahramanmaraş last February and affecting 11 provinces, he said, "I hope Turkey will be collected together as soon as possible and remove the bad effects of this earthquake."
He gave the instance of Russia-Ukraine
Fukuyama proceed his words by stating that there are descensions in global democracy. He enunciated that “it has been made a study about freedoms. Democracy has been seen to regress. Actually, It's the 17th year of democracy's worldwide regress. This situation does not only induce an ideological menace. It also reverberates on us as military and security problems. Everyone was scandalized at the incursion of Ukraine. The importance of this event should be kept in view. Putin said very definitively what he wanted to do. He stated that he wanted to get the downfall of the Soviet Union after 1991  back somehow . Ukraine was also part of this agendum. He did not demand the probability of being a democratic country on the border with Russia. It did not want to be made decisions about the country’s own future. Because it would be a threat to the Russian regime.”
“ There is an expanding regression in liberal democracy.”
Francis Fukuyama, who also carried out the evaluations about Turkey, told that ““We see the arise of populism and nationalism in Turkey in the last decades. What happened is a tragedy. Because, Turkey brought democracy about to start in the 1970s , after a military government. The country also got through to hold quite fair elections. However, there is regression now. A threat began to come in sight against the secular republic. Mr. Erdogan stands out as an example of modern populism. Modern media methods are being used to concrete the base and to provide justification the present leader. There is an expanding regression in liberal democracy”.
“It has being treated as if democracy still exists”
Francis Fukuyama siad these statements “ The leaders who be selected democratically represent the majority of the people. However, the bureaucracy supported by the media eliminates the requests and will of the people. Indeed, liberal defence is not possible. The politic checks are disabling  and the manipulation of democracy becomes possible. The descensions commence slowly  in every phase and this situation is reverberated in the quality of democracy. It is being treated as if democracy still exists. This is a duration that ensue in Turkey. It ensued in an expedited form. Turkey is no longer took cognizance of  democratic after the 2016 treason felony. A new pattern is before us for Turkey to renovate  its democracy.  Because in a few months there will be an election. There is an opportunity to renovate democracy in Turkey and put it on better basis. There is hope that the opposition will win the elections. Reconstructing democracy is significant. It is crucial to ensure the transition to democracy.
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