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Experts came together in Izmir for the "Cities of the Future" workshop

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Academicians, architects, urban planist, landscape architects, and sociologists from around the world forgathered in Izmir for the "Cities of the Future" workshop, one of several activities organized by the Izmir Planning Agency (ZPA) as part of the 2nd Century Economics Congress. The workshop was held on March 16 in Çukurhan, İzmir  with the attendance of many experts in the field from distinctive countries.
As the flows of population rises in cities, the destitution, the carbon dioxide emissions and the carbon footprint are increasing. As these issues rise, the 'cyclical city' notion comes in to prominence. The 'cyclical city' notion carries weight with in terms of being a part of the the connection of life of cities and convert them into ecosystems.
The workshop of Future Cities forgathered many experts In Izmir, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. It was discussed at the meeting the details of designing durable cities and converting cities into ecosystems with the principle of cyclical culture. Experts gave voice to city ​​and landscape plans in their own countries, the architectural systems preferred by countries at the meeting.
Also, the participants speak of points to consider when designing cities in their own countries. It was talked about how to construct cities more durable, cyclical and compatible with nature.
“We have to find the way to live as a  part of the nature”
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer inaugurated the meeting of “Cities of the Future”. Soyer said, “Especially after the earthquake, how significant it is to construct cities which is durable and compatible with nature , has been revealed once again. “We want to listen to the experiences of our worthy experts and get their guidance to constitute compatible with nature  and cyclical cities. We know that experts from all over the world gathered  in this hall  can be an inspiration to each other.”
Soyer went on  his words as follows : “People were contemplating that they were superior to nature. We generated big cities but we forgot the fact that we are a part of nature. The further we get away from nature, cities are turning out to be places that are hard to live in. Today, we are trying to find the answer to this question, how can we find a resolution to live as a part of nature.”
Experts from distinctive countries met in Izmir
Hacettepe University demographer Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sinan Türkyılmaz; the Climate Change and Clean Energy Branch Manager, Ahmet Toker; the Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department Banu Dayangaç; Bilkent University architect Dr. Bülent Batuman ; Sociologist Prof. from Boğaziçi University. Dr. Çaglar Keyder ; Landscape architect from Istanbul Technical University  Assoc. Dr. Ebru Erbaş Gürler ; President's Advisor Güven Eken ; architect Han Tümertekin ; architect HiroyukiUnemori ; the Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Department Kemal Kılıç ; Urban planner Prof. from İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE). Dr. Koray Velibeyoglu ; Bilkent University city planner Dr. Kumru Arapgirlioglu ; the Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Suphi Şahin ; Head of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization Yağmur Şenel attended the meeting.
The Cities and Regions Supervisor Leonora Grcheva ; from the National Park City London , architect Mark Cridge ; the Urban planner at the University of Virginia, Prof. Dr. Timothy Beatley attended the meeting online.
“It may be too late tomorrow ”
Dr. Kumru Arapgirlioğlu emphasized that the significance of ethical relations in the planning process of cities, and she said : We need to query the ethical relations as well as city planning in the process of development and reconstruction of cities. Humanity originated this fabulous urban life with the civilisation. Cities are getting bigger and it's unfeasible to control them. We only know how to build. That's why ,  cities are losting their cultures and souls. If we don't start doing something at the moment , It may be too late tomorrow.
“We must stay focus  on the idea of ​​cyclical cities”
Prof. Dr. Koray Velibeyoğlu explained his resolution suggestions as follows by talking about earthquakes and floods ;  “We need to focus on a number of  emergencies. The infrastructure of city  needs to be evolved quickly. 'Because life can't go on without it. Just as people need food and water, these cities also need them. The plans of cities must depend on the  sustainability and the basis of city infrastructure. It is also very critic to make the right time management in the use of resources. So, Certainly we must stay focus  on the idea of ​​cyclical cities.
“Each city should be converted according to its own properties”
Japanese architect Hiroyuki Unemori stated that the population started to decrease in Japan, especially after 2010, and said: “At present, the young population is diminishing in Japan, the elderly population is increasing. Our architects are contemplating that "What kind of Japan do we want to construct ?" We are endeavouring to generate the suitable public spaces for both elderly and young population. Each city should be converted in different ways, according to its own properties.
“We have to exist with nature”
Prof. Dr. Timothy Beatley said they imagined of a new town – planning scheme. Also, remarked that “It is very noteworthy for cities to be connected to nature. How can we transform cities into habitats and ecosystems, we are contemplating this. Transforming cities into ecosystems is so crucial not only for us, but also for trees and birds. We have to exist with nature, not apart from and detached from nature.”
The Congress commenced on March 15
The Economic Congress of the Second Century commenced on March 15. The Second Century Economics Congress, which is a civil, obvious and entirely participatory initiative, will be held 7 days . At the end of the congress, policy proposals that will shape the new century will be shared with the entire Turkish population.
The Participation in the Economics Congress of the Second Century can be accessible from the "Economics Congress" mobile application. For the main sessions, it is enough to register for the relevant day and show the given QR code in the event area.
The entire congress will be a live broadcast on İzmirTubeYouTube channel.
The secretariat of the congress is being carried out by İzmir Planning Agency (İZPA) affiliated with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.  It can be visited at “” for the program of the Second Century Economics Congress and all other information.
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