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Ecological Park in Guzelbahce

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Construction works have started to create an ecology-first shared living space on an area of 57 hectares in Guzelbahce Yelki neighborhood. "With this project, we are taking the first step to becoming a member of the EUROPARC, network for the European Natural and Cultural Heritage, which is the largest and most effective one in Europe," said Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In line with the goal of creating 2.5 million m² of new green space in the city, which is among the election promises of Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, one of the important parts of the “35 Living Parks” project is being implemented.

Having started works for the Olivelo Ecological Life Park to be established in Guzelbahce Yelki, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality went to the region with non-governmental organizations, local people, experts, ecologists, and shepherds, and held onsite workshops using a participatory approach. During two days, the participants set their walking and cycling routes. Workshop, production, and design studies will continue during the 7-month project duration, and then the park will be open to visitors.
Sightseeing and cycling route
One of the many areas such as Gediz Delta, Mount Yamanlar, Flamingo Nature Park, Meles Valley for the 35 Living Parks to be established on the IzMiras excursion route will protect the natural texture of a special area of 57 hectares within the scope of the Olivelo Ecological Natural Life Park Project and will raise awareness about the olive (Delice Olive), which is the cultural and natural heritage of the region and will make it an important bicycle station by connecting it with the European Cycle Route Network (EuroVelo). Thanks to the workshops to be held in the area, the region will make significant contributions to the urban culture in terms of production, economy, ecological values, and life practices. The key targets of the project have been determined as raising awareness for the natural values of the region, with an on-site, participatory process by intervening less and preserving more. In this area, there is a total of 11,720 wild pears, terebinth, Anatolian Oak, and Turkish pine, most of which are made up by olives.
Design chosen by a national competition
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized a design competition in 2019 for the Olivelo Ecological Living Space project. The jury evaluations revealed that the team consisting of Ömer Selçuk Baz, Architect, Doğu Kaptan, Architect, Zeynep Hagür Sorguç, Landscape Architect, and Ata Turak, Landscape Architect, won the first prize in the competition attended by 43 teams. At the heart of the project proposed by the team for the competition lies preserving and developing the natural texture and setting of the area, and limiting the human presence in the area to the point of a temporary visitor or observer.
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