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COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan from Izmir

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has published a report called “COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan” due to the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the “Crisis Municipalism” application for the first time in Turkey has been the first and only Municipality to publish its measures taken in struggle against COVID 19 in the form of a report and action plan.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the Crisis Municipality practice in the scope of fighting against the global epidemic and carried out all its activities in line with the Crisis Municipality Directive, prepared a “COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan” in accordance with instructions from the Mayor Tunç Soyer.

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer underlined that local governments have an important responsibility and the Resilience Action Plan was prepared as a part of this responsibility in large cities such as Izmir in the fight against global epidemic.

“Izmir plays a leading role once again”
Stating that Izmir’s 4.5 million population as one of the leading cities in Turkey, poses serious risks in the rapid spread of the global epidemic, Mayor Soyer said: "According to data released on the situation of the pandemic, Izmir has been the second city, where highest number of cases and deaths occurred in Turkey. This fact increased the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality even more.  "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the city of Izmir once again played a leading role in the fight against pandemic. The ‘Crisis Municipalism' and 'Resilience Action Plan’ which are applied for the first time in Turkey will serve as a model to other cities and local administrations not only nationally, but also in the whole world. Our Crisis Municipalism and COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan shows that we are in an effort to fulfill our responsibilities towards the people of Izmir.”
Three main topics
The COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan includes the measures taken by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality before and during the global epidemic, the work that was carried out, and the plans after the pandemic. The Resilience Action Plan was prepared under three main headings, with the exception of the historical perspective and good examples of the global epidemic. The first title covers preventive services of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality from past to present in order to be prepared for global epidemic, disaster and crisis situations in Izmir. The second title includes all the works carried out within the scope of global epidemic control with the Crisis Municipalism approach, and the third title includes the activities envisaged after the global epidemic has been taken under control. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to contribute to the fight against the global epidemic by presenting its action plan to the knowledge of the national and international public.

Please Click Here to see the full Resilience Action Plan of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

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