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Come to Izmir between 1-10 September

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A press conference was held before the Izmir International Fair, which will be held this year between 1-10 September with the theme of “Youth: Pioneer of Today”. Inviting young people from all over Turkey to IEF, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “The theme of this fair is youth, but its goal is hope. "We need hope," he said.
Izmir is preparing for the Izmir International Fair, one of the symbols of the city with its 92-year history. The fair, which will be held between September 1 and 10 with the theme of "youth" specific to İzmir being the "2026 European Youth Capital Finalist", will put the vision and energy of the youth at its center on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, with the slogan "Youth: Pioneer of today". A few days before the fair opened, a press conference was held on the grass area in front of İsmet İnönü Cultural Center. At the press conference hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Main Sponsor Folkart's Chairman Mesut Sancak, Event Sponsor Migros' North Aegean Director Güneş Fırıldak, İzmir Youth Municipality Mayor Kaan Levent Bozdağ, European Youth Capital Coordination Board Member Fulya Yoldaş, İzmir City Council Youth Assembly Executive Committee Member Sedef Ünver, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Barış Karcı, bureaucrats of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated companies, and members of the press were available.  
Soyer: “We are excited”
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who started his speech by saying we are excited, explained the chronology of the Izmir International Fair. Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “There is a very basic reason why we started with the theme of youth in our 92nd year. As the Republic enters its second century, we of course want it to enter with young people. We want to crown this. We want young people to raise their excitement, talents, virtues and hopes here, to be inspired by each other, to transfer, to meet, to embrace, to meet. We also have a candidacy for the 2026 European Youth Capital. In November, the city that will host 2026 and be the youth capital will be determined. We wanted to prepare for this somewhere. As we enter the second century of the Republic, we wanted to highlight the youth even more in the 92nd year of IEF. It will be a very enjoyable meeting where youth, entertainment, art and culture will take place. This time, we planned a carnival-like cortege for the first time. We want it to make a splash in Izmir. From the beginning to the last day, pleasant days await all of us.”.
Soyer addressed the youth
Addressing the young people in his speech, Mayor Soyer said:
“In this pessimistic climate of Turkey, high inflation, high cost of living, price hikes, days of great disappointment and anger. The days when people are losing hope for the future. The 92nd will be the meeting we need most. We need to hug each other, to spend time with each other, to meet. we need to get morale from each other, to find morale. I want to call out to young people all over Turkey. Arrive in Izmir between 1-10 September. Meet with your peers from Izmir. Experience 10 fun, educational and enjoyable days of Izmir. We are excited. When our fair opens its doors for the 92nd time, we want hope for Turkey. We want to give hope to our citizens all over Turkey, especially to our youth. The theme of this fair is youth, but its goal is hope. We desperately need hope. I hope that this fair will shed light on the hopes to be green again, the fertility of the land and its bright future. It leaves the winds of despair and pessimism behind. It creates an opportunity to look to the future with hope..”  
Sancak: “I think the fair will go very well this year.”
Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak invited his sons Kerem and Fırat Sancak to the stage and received their opinions about the fair. Mesut Sancak said, “The future belongs to the youth. Maybe in five years they will be having these conversations. I think that the fair will go very well this year, I believe that more than a million participants will come because it has been prepared very well. We have been the main sponsor of the fair since 2016. "This is an honor for us," he said.
Fırıldak: “Our young people bring energy, innovation and leadership”
The event sponsor, Migros North Aegean Director Güneş Fırıldak said, “This year's theme of our fair, youth, has an important meaning not only as a representation of a generation, but also as a representation of hopes, dreams and the future. Our young people bring energy, innovation and leadership in the centennial of the republic.”.
Alıcı: “It will carry the power of young people to Izmir”
Giving information about the Izmir International Fair, İZFAŞ General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu Alıcı said, “The 92nd Izmir International Fair will also bring the power, energy and leadership of our youth to Izmir. This year's theme of the fair, 'youth', is also the symbol of a determination and vision that is reflected in our İzmir's 2026 European Youth Capital finalist! Many events, from sports to art, specific to our theme, will take place in the Youth area.
“We will do our best”
Describing their work for the European Youth Capital candidacy, İzmir City Council Youth Assembly Executive Committee Member Sedef Ünver said, “We thank you for opening up a space for youth policy in the name of İzmir City Council youth assembly. We believe that the fact that the fair has a youth theme will also strengthen the European Youth Capital process.” European Youth Capital Coordination Committee Member Fulya Yoldaş said, “We have high hopes and full faith that İzmir will become a youth capital. I would like to thank Tunç Soyer for being with us from the beginning of the process. The biggest proof of this is that the fair is being held with this theme.” Izmir Youth Municipality Mayor Kaan Levent Bozdag said, "We young people may not have been in the past of this fair, but no one should doubt that we will do our best to bring the fair to better places today, in the future.".
It will contribute to İzmir's candidacy for 2026 European Youth Capital
This year's theme of Izmir International Fair, "Youth", stands out as a reflection of the city's being a candidate for 2026 European Youth Capital. İzmir made its candidacy in 2026 for the "European Youth Capital" program, an event organized every year by the European Youth Forum, and became one of the 5 European cities that made it to the finals. This important title is given to the city throughout the year enriched by various activities and projects aimed at encouraging young people to take a more active role in different areas of social, cultural and economic life. This year's theme of the fair, "Youth", aims to bring the vision and energy of the youth to the fore, in parallel with İzmir's candidacy for the 2026 European Youth Capital. Competing with other finalist cities, İzmir aims to present a program full of unique projects and events for the future at the Fair as part of this special year focused on young people.
The guest of honor is Şanlıurfa
Sanliurfa was the guest of honor of Izmir International Fair this year. Şanlıurfa, with all its aspects, economic, social, cultural and historical value, will be located on an area of 2,000 square meters at the entrance of the Dokuz Eylül Gate of Kültürpark.
The opening cortege will be the scene of colorful images
A cortege march will also be held before the opening ceremony of the Izmir International Fair. The cortege, which will bring the enthusiasm of the fair to the people of Izmir and feature colorful shows, will start at Cumhuriyet Square at 18:30 on September 1. Many Izmir residents who will gather in the cortege will walk up to the Kulturpark Lausanne Gate and share the opening enthusiasm.
It will host the International Textile Biennial
Izmir International Fair, which has been breaking new ground since its opening, is preparing to host the International Textile Biennial, which will be held for the first time in Turkey this year. Works at the Textile Biennial, which will open its doors on September 4 simultaneously with the fair, will meet art lovers at the Atlas Pavilion throughout the Fair. Textile Biennial, curated by writer and artist Nihat Özdal, with 57 artists from 17 different countries will also be open to visitors in Atlas Pavilion, Pakistan Pavilion, Agora, Namazgah Hamam, Etz Hayim Synagogue, Alga Chocolate Factory, Ahmet Ağa Mansion and Vakıflar Mansion from 4 September to 24 November.
Area for young people
In the youth area specially prepared this year, youth non-governmental organizations, units of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality related to youth work, stands of sports clubs will take place, while many events such as adventure track, zipline, music and dance performances, interviews with famous athletes, street basketball will be held.
Grass Concerts Stage will host famous names
In Grass Concerts, Rock & More Stage and Mogambo Nights, which have been indispensable for the Fair for many years, visitors will relieve the tiredness of the day and have fun to the fullest. At the Grass Concerts Stage; Simge Sağın on September 1, Teoman on September 2, Serdar Ortaç on September 3, Volkan Konak on September 4, Sibel Can on September 5, at the concerts on September 6 and 7, sponsored by Migros, Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz-We Talk When We Are Faced and Funda Arar will take the stage, Athena on September 8, Tan Taşçı on September 9, and Haluk Levent on September 10. Concerts will start at 21:00.
Rock & More and Mogambo will be the address of entertainment
The Rock&More Stage, which will start on September 2 in front of Kulturpark Hall No. 3, will bring together Gaye Su Akyol, Onur Özdemir, Mary Jane, Eypio, Mavi Gri, Ufuk Beydemir and Mengene with music lovers, respectively. The concerts will start at 20:00. The music will not stop during the Fair at Mogambo Nights. Rubato on September 1, Mirkelam on September 2, Cem Adrian on September 3, Ayta Sözeri on September 4, Emre Altuğ on September 5, Fatih Erkoç on September 6, Yaşar on September 7, Birsen Tezer on September 8 and Hüsnü Arkan on September 9 at Mogambo.  
Atatürk Open Air Theater events and City Theater plays
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater plays will also meet with the audience at İsmet İnönü Stage on 4-6-9 September. On September 4, Mor Şalvar, on September 6, 3 Nalla 1 At, and on September 9, Benim Naçiz Vücudum, will be staged and the plays will begin at 19:30. At Atatürk Open Air Theater events, On September 2, Izmir Aşkına Musical, on September 3, Uğur Aslan - Afara, on September 4, Sunay Akın & Nihat Sırdar - Sivrisinek Dedin De Aklıma Geldi, Kaan Sekban - İlerler Temiz will take place on September 5. Performances will begin at 21:00. Ticket sales for the events will be made at
Youth-themed films will meet the audience
Youth-themed films will await the audience at the İzmir Art Center between 8 and 10 September at the Sinema Burada Film Günleri. Kahvaltı Kulübü, Juno, Çekmeköy Underground, Örümcek Adam: Örümcek Evrenine Giriş, Ben, Earl ve Ölen Kız and Whiplash movies will be screened for free at 16:30 and 19:30.
Special events for the 100th anniversary of the Republic and the 101st anniversary of the Liberation of İzmir
The 100th anniversary of the Republic and the 101st anniversary of the Liberation of Izmir will also be celebrated with enthusiasm with special events organized at the Izmir International Fair. At the fair, activities that appeal to all age groups from all walks of life, from technology, culture, art and entertainment, will meet with visitors. Various activities such as Izelman Fair Children's Club, children's theater, live sculpture, pantomime, clown performances and storytelling will be held for children. Treasure Hunt, Quiz, e-sports Hado, known as the sport that combines the real world and the virtual world, different programs and traveling activities all over the fair will also provide visitors with enjoyable and fun days.
Another Agricultural Possible Scene
Young people will talk about agriculture from different perspectives, from our eating habits to health, in the interviews where valuable names from academics to experts will take place as speakers at the Another Agriculture is Possible Event Stage. Various events from the Village Theater to the concert will also take place on this stage.
Mobile application specific to the fair
Izmir International Fair is getting ready to open its doors with innovations this year. The mobile application, which can be used on phones and smart devices, will be published before the Fair. All information about the Izmir Fair can be accessed through the application. The application, which can be downloaded to mobile phones and tablets from both the Apple Store and Google Play and will be published in Turkish and English, will provide convenience for exhibitors and visitors.
Sponsors Folkart and Migros at the 92nd IEF
Izmir International Fair, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by İZFAŞ, with the event sponsorship of Migros as the main sponsor of Folkart, will welcome the people of Izmir with events appealing to all age groups of technology, commerce, culture, art and entertainment until September 10. Entrance fees for the fair were determined as 13 TL for adults and 5 TL for students. Entrance and exit will be possible from all doors of Kültürpark and fair events will be held between 16.00 - 23.00.
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