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BobGeldof: Whatever you do, Let’s start

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The World-renowned artist and activist SirBob Geldof, who speaks at the Second Century Economics Congress, emphasized in the matter of  Atatürk and Laicism in Turkey's second century. Geldof who defines the giving up as surrendering to despair ;  said that “Whatever you do, start. Because there is wisdom in courage, there is magic, there is power . We have the mind, we have the power, we have the magic”.
The Irish musician, songwriter and activist SirBob Geldof, who donated his signed guitar to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's One Rent One Home campaign on the first day of the Second Century Economics Congress for earthquake victims had a talk. BobGeldof said that “I have always been fascinated by Turkey. Turkey has always attracted my attention for hundreds of causes. It will always be important. The Geographical location is very notable. It is probable to say that Turkey is constantly in the political vortex. When we think the giant economy of the European Union, The instigator politics of the Middle East and the gangsterism of Russia , Turkey has caught between a turbulent politics and economy. The world may ignore some countries but they can never ignore Turkey”.
“Turkey is one of the most countries in need of national novation “
While Gelfod was speaking, he used the following expressions ; “We all live in a period when old expectations are no longer valid. The Politics is no longer generated upon the what is known. The alteration always enhances the  apprehension. This Congress aims to change, it seeks progress with a distinctive quest. What has been done here is a study to renew Turkey. Turkey has many advantages and opportunities. We do not have these advantages. There are more improved advantages. So how do we find the new world? If there is only one human control or  if only one person makes the legal arrangements, this can be difficult.
“To give up is to surrender to despair”
Geldof said that ““I am 71 years old and we are in one of the most dangerous times in the world. Everywhere in our world , there is actual danger and it is outgrowing, increasing. They're getting more and more intensive. The Earthquakes, pandemic, drought, floods, threats of nuclear war, financial crisis, food crisis, climate crisis. There are new technologies whose consequences and actions we scarcely comprehend. The culture wars terrorize the countries. The Autocrats who administrate 70 percent of the world's population are contented from this setting.  This hall is a place where we can take a breath and keep our minds. We should have a try.  Giving up is to surrender to despair. Being human takes some endeavour .”
“Atatürk imagined of another country when there was a chaos”
Geldof recalled Voltaire's discourse of the climate, the state and the religion in the 18th century as the most influential factors in the human mind. “The greatest achievement of the Turkish, of Atatürk, was to separate religion from state affairs. Atatürk searched for a contemporary economy in the new world , by using a nation's cultural power. The great foresight of Atatürk was that he would not consent  a nation to belong to the shadow of the past. Turkey should not drop this idea. Atatürk imagined of a different country here, when there was a chaos. He made a radical revolution for the whole country, by detecting what is essential to society.”
Geldof ended his speech with these explanations : “Mr. President, whatever you do, start. Because there is wisdom in courage, there is magic, there is power . We have the mind, we have the power, we have the magic”.
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