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A credit contract was signed between İZSU and IFC.

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A credit contract worth 30 million dollars was signed between İZSU Head Office and International Finance Corporation (IFC) on the purpose of proving fund for infrastructure investments across the city.

İZSU Head Office will use this fund, which has a maturity structure of a total of 10 years with a 2 year principal non-refundable, for building waste water lines in Kemalpaşa, Urla, Karaburun and Ödemiş; potable water main tranmission line in Bornova; first purification facility for potable water in Foça; rain water lines in Konak Gültepe.

Giving a speech in the signature ceremony, Tunç Soyer, The Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of İzmir, said “ Gediz will flow cleaner with the investments done in Kemalpaşa thanks to this fund. There will be no more vacuuming of cesspit with a sewage truck in Karaburun and Mordoğan. We take another important step with the manufactures which will be done to prevent Little Maender from pollution in Ödemiş. The purification facility for potable water in Foça, which will be built also with this fund, will be the first in the district. We will put an alternative potable water line into the service of our fellow citizens with the manufactures done in Bornova. Besides, we will prevent the possible floods originating from excessive and sudden precipitation due to climate change with the investments of rain water parsing in Konak Gültepe. Thus, we will highly contribute to keep the gulf  clean.”

Mayor Soyer said, “While the Turkish Lira is unfortunately experiencing a historical depreciation against the exchange rate and our country’s national rating is being evaluated as “BB-”, it is a great honour for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be reaffirmed again and again by different credit rating agencies in terms of its strong financial structure, budget discipline and institutional investment power.”
Dupoizat: Water is significant for development
Expressing that it was a great pleasure to be in İzmir, Arnaud Dupoizat, Country Manager of IFC Turkey, said “The demand for water is increasing in most parts of İzmir and Turkey, yet water resources are decreasing. The cities can have regular water resources by protecting the water and investing in critical infrastructure. As you know, water is significant for sustainable development.”
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