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​Cooperation protocol signed for Aegean Gastronomy project

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed a cooperation protocol with Izmir Commodity Exchange for the Aegean Gastronomy project.

Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, "This project, in which we cooperate with Izmir Commodity Exchange, will be an important centre where we document and understand the ancient agricultural and food culture of the Aegean and share it with the world again to conserve this culture. It will complete the vision of Izmir's Cittaslow Metropol and will accompany the development of our Terra Madre Anatolia fair, the first of which will be held in September 2022."
Işınsu Kestelli, Chairwoman of the Board of Izmir Commodity Exchange, stated, "With our project, we aim to integrate the thousands of years of life style and cuisine of the Aegean Region with the rich agricultural production pattern and introduce it to the world."
Yavuz Selim Köşger, Governor of Izmir, said "There is a heritage of 8,500 years on these lands. We set out to make our cuisine, which is the residue of these ancient civilizations, universal with small touches and to put it into the service of tourism. Good luck to the tourism and future of Izmir."
With the cooperation, it is aimed to contribute to the agriculture and gastronomy sector and to the development of the region's qualified tourism potential and to make contributions to meetings, symposiums, workshops, events, training, seminars and promotion activities for sustainability, as well as providing financial support to the project in areas to be mutually agreed upon.
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