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​Biochar from Garden Waste

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A facility is constructed to reduce plantal waste of parks and gardens to biochar.  15 tons of biochar attained monthly from the facility will be used as soil improver and carbon emission will decrease thanks to the nature friendly facility. 
At the facility, which started production, the organic wastes obtained from the pruned trees are reduced into biochar without removing carbon dioxide after the thermal decomposition (pyrolysis) process at 500 degrees in an oxygen-free environment in approximately one and a half hours. Obtained through a nature-friendly recycling method, biochar will be used as a soil conditioner in afforestation areas, parks and gardens where soil conditions are bad in the coming days.  With a capacity of 20 kg per hour, the Facility has the capacity to produce 15 tons of biochar per month.
Within the scope of HORIZON 2020, the highest budget grant program of the European Union, the "Nature Based Solutions" project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was selected among 39 international projects and was entitled to receive a grant of 2.3 million Euros. Continuous Feed Biochar Production System was also carried within the scope of this project.

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