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​Visit from International Turkish Culture Organization

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Secretary General of International Turkish Culture Organization (TÜRKSOY) Düsen Kaseinov visited the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer at his office.

In this visit where views were exchanged for the development of bilateral relations, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer said, “All these crises showed that solidarity, people coming together to support each other more facilitates the treatment of crises and diseases, and reduces damage. It is necessary to find common grounds to have solidarity. Culture and art are some of the most powerful ones. Using these grounds is precious.”

Invitation from Soyer to the World Cultural Summit
Stating that they will host the World Culture Summit to be held in September, Mayor Soyer said, “Izmir will host United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) World Culture Summit in September this year. The largest organization of local governments, such as the World Association of Municipalities. We will hold the Culture Summit, which is held every two years and this year as well. The representatives of the institutions determining the cultural policies of the countries gather. We are inviting you to the Culture Summit. Your participation creates opportunities for both our relationships and the new relationships you will establish. We can co-operate in various fields. After a delayed gathering, we will have more opportunities to work together.”

We can have big events in Izmir
Stating that they organize cultural activities such as big concerts, exhibitions, cinema screenings and spread them to geographies, Secretary General of TÜRKSOY Düsen Kaseinov talked about the projects of the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World. After stating that they want to organize many events in Izmir, Kaseinov said, “Normally we organize big concerts in cinemas, but now we are waiting due to the pandemic. Our geography is wide and our activities are big. We can organize big events in Izmir, too.”
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