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​The heart of gastronomy will beat in Izmir

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Izmir will host the "Terra Madre" gastronomy fair under the leadership of the biggest food movement Slow Food, in line with the "Another Agriculture is Possible” vision of Tunç Soyer, the Metropolitan Mayor.

 The fair, which is held in Turin, Italy every two years, will be held in Izmir for the first time. Terra Madre will take place simultaneously with the Izmir International Fair (IEF) between 2-11 September 2022 under the name “Terra Madre Anadolu”. The fair presentation was made in Demircili Village of Ödemiş with a wide participation.

Anatolian cuisine will achieve the reputation it deserves
Expressing that the literal meaning of Terra Madre is "mother earth", Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said, "We have only one aim to bring this great organization to Izmir and our country. To make our small sized producer, an exporter. To save our villagers from the economic bottleneck they are in and to grow their profits. Anatolian culinary culture is kneaded with the fertile lands, air and water of this geography. The richness of agricultural and gastronomic products produced in our country is unmatched in the world. This culture needs to be explained and promoted to the world. Terra Madre will bring these unique recipes of Anatolian cuisine to new markets and bring them the reputation they deserve.”
An era has come to an end in Izmir!
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said “I don't want to offend anyone.  But with the support and purchases we make, our producer earns money from his product. Now there is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.  We have been working for two and a half years in line with our vision of 'Another Agriculture is Possible'. My friends visited the pastures of our 24 districts one by one. He met 4160 shepherds and listened to their problems. He produced a shepherd map of Izmir, which is unique in Turkey. So far, 110 thousand 430 goats, 352 thousand 185 sheep and 15 thousand 489 land cattle have been detected in our pastures. On the other hand, we have unearthed the seeds of black awn wheat, sedge rye, lathyrus and gambilya, which were almost extinct 10 years ago. We started with a handful, got enough seeds to meet fields of thousands of acres and shared them with our farmers. We guarantee our farmers who produce these seeds to buy three times the market value. We will continue to guarantee it. Why did we do all this and will we do it? Because we love this country very much. We do not want any child to go to bed hungry, neither in the village nor in the city. We accept that everyone has the right to be fed where they were born.”
What is Terra Madre?
Launched in 2004 by Slow Food, the world's largest food movement advocating for "good, clean and fair food", the Terra Madre (Mother Earth) event aims to expand sustainable agriculture, fisheries and food production by connecting active members of food production and distribution chains. Refusing to surrender to the industrial conditions in agriculture and the standardization of food cultures, Terra Madre includes small-scale farmers, animal breeders, fishermen, food artisans, academics, cooks, consumers and the youth group. Terra Madre, which was started to be held together with Salone del Gusto in Turin, the most important gastronomy fair of the world in 2012, brings foods from different continents to much wider masses under a single organization. The "Terra Madre" gastronomy fair, which is held every two years in Turin, Italy, is held in Izmir under the name "Terra Madre Anadolu".

The fair, which will be held under the name of “Terra Madre Anadolu”, will be attended not only by small producers from Izmir but also by economists, intellectuals, ecologists, anthropologists, writers, philosophers, cooks, producer associations and cooperatives, and consumers who want to reach "good, fair and clean" food from all over the world, along with the small producers from Turkey and Mediterranean. At the fair, where all examples of Anatolian cuisine and agricultural products will meet, the producers, who have had difficulties in marketing what they have produced so far, will introduce their ancient local products to the whole world without intermediaries. Thanks to Terra Madre Anadolu, where information will be exchanged to examine the food system with a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, consumers will have the opportunity to discover the farmer, fisherman and producer behind the products.
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