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​Pandemic Showed Us That We Have to Live in Harmony with Nature

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İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, spoke IZ.RU TV, a subsidiary of Russian Izvestiya Newspaper before the First International City Forum to be held  online on June 30, with title “An Overview from the Heart of Future Country of Eurasia” to be hosted by Bashkortostan Republic, subject of Russian Federation.

In the publication moderated by Yelena Lihomanova, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Pandemic showed us that we have to live in harmony with nature. We shall preserve nature and take it as our most valuable asset. We cannot be healthy if the nature is sick. Another important issue is hygiene. We shall prove countries and tourists that our city is safe and clean. Our efforts to improve tourism in gastronomy, touristic values, history and culture continue. However, with pandemic, our priority is to prove that our city is safe. In the following process NGOs, government, municipality and private sector shall work in unity. Solidarity became much more important.”

The meeting was attended by Bashkortostan Republic Vice President Aleksandr Sidyakin, İtalian Venoto city, Minerbe Mayor Andrea Girardi, Moscow University Urban Studies Director Sergey Kapkov.

First International City Forum titled “An Overview from the Heart of Future Country of Eurasia” to be held on June 30, will gather over fifty speakers from Russia and the world. It will be attended by public authorities, business world, scientists and architects. Topics such as regional and urban development programs, green zones, industrial towns, city projects and tourism infrastructure will be discussed in the forum.
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