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​Izmir has put a signature to Culture2030

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put a signature to Culture 2030, which was launched to produce strong cultural policies in the pandemic, to support cultural and artistic actors and to ensure that all segments of society can benefit from the healing effect of cultural activities. Thus, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality became the first and only metropolitan municipality to declare its support to culture and art by putting a signature to the campaign from Turkey.

The Culture2030 campaign was organised under the leadership of international cultural institutions such as the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Cultural Committee and the Culture Action Europe (CAE) and with the approval of the United Nations (UN). The campaign has the signatures of 140 cultural producer organizations and 140 people from countries ranging from Argentina to Switzerland, from Peru to the United States.

Promise of seven-stage support for culture and art
The institutions pioneering the Culture2030 campaign issued a declaration on International Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development in 21 May 2020. The support stages envisaged by the declaration, which later became a campaign, are as follows:
Taking action to ensure that the cultural communities, industries, actors and intermediaries adversely affected by the pandemic can survive the crisis.
Designing mechanisms that strengthen the capacity of cultural communities and enable them to benefit from digital environment under sustainable and favourable conditions.
Ensuring that laws, regulations and financing programs are being able to be used to allow cultural actors to work and protect cultural heritage.

Ensuring the integration of culture into government actions and making it accessible to all segments of society.

Placing prosperity, solidarity and sustainability at the heart of cultural policies.

Ensuring that everyone's cultural rights are being protected in national and local legislation and getting support from the policies aiming to strengthen education, active participation, citizenship, gender equality and indigenous peoples.

Including the cultural theme explicitly to all plans, tools and reporting mechanisms that will be prepared in upcoming months and years.
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