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​Izmir – Belarus friendship bridge

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The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Ankara, Viktor Rybak, visited the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, in his office.

The guest Ambassador stated that he has organized visits throughout the counter in order to recognize Turkey better where performs a duty and that he admired Izmir where he visited for the second time.

In the visit that the economic and commercial cooperation opportunities between Turkey and Belarus have been discussed, the possible projects, especially industry, manufacturing and education, were put on the table.

Stating that the development of relationship in each area with Turkey is of great importance for them, “Turkey is one of the five largest investors in Belarus. We will be glad to see Turkish companies in Belarus that would like to make cooperation. We are ready to generate joint projects in the areas of innovation technologies, education, veterinary and tourism. In recent years, interest of Turkish students towards Belarus university has been increasing. We can arrange mutual exchange programs for student exchange or employees,” said the Ambassador Rybak.

Stating that local collaborations will further strengthen the relationship between countries, “We are ready and willing to contribute to the close cooperation between our countries. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we would like to give our best support in joint steps to be taken in the areas of tourism, agriculture, industry and education. For this, we can take the first step by establishing sister city relationship,” said the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer.
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