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​Farewell Visit from Dr. Lanuzzi

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Dr. Luigi Lanuzzi, who has been the Italian Consul in Izmir for 4 years, is now appointed to Poland. Dr. Lanuzzi paid a farewell visit to Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu before departing to take over his new office at the Warsaw Embassy, and noted that he always left at home during his stay in Izmir.

“I say goodbye only to my office in this city, not to this city itself. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been a great host. We did amazing work together. We hosted the Italian guests, together. Our guests were very impressed by the hospitality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and liked this city very much. During my term of office, I visited every corner of Izmir. Every part of it has a unique significance for me. We have been living in Izmir together for 500 years. This was my first post on abroad. However, I have not had an overseas experience since I felt at home. It is unforgettable, just like your first love” said the Italian Consul.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu noted that they did amazing work with Dr. Lanuzzi to improve the Turkish-Italian relations and added: “I hope we have been a good host to you. I wish you success on your new office. Offices are temporary but friendship is everlasting. Whenever you happen to stop by Izmir, we will be ready to host you”.
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