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​Cittaslow Turkey decided to “Continue with Soyer”

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Mayors and representatives from Isparta Eğirdir, Çanakkale Gökçeada, Bolu Göynük, Şanlıurfa Halfeti, Muğla Köyceğiz, Ordu Perşembe, İzmir Seferihisar, Artvin Şavşat, Sakarya Taraklı, Muğla Ula, Erzurum Uzundere, Aydın Yenipazar and Kırklareli Vize attended to the Cittaslow Turkey meeting held in the Historical Lift and chaired by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer.

In this meeting, local governors who took office in the member cities after the Local Elections of March 31 were informed about the Cittaslow organization. It is decided that the Mayor Tunç Soyer shall act as the Cittaslow Coordinator for one more year.

The Mayor Tunç Soyer underlined that Cittaslow is the world’s most contemporary local development model and added: “Being a member of this alliance is a prestigious title all around the world. You have leverage in terms of external sources to be provided. Furthermore, the criteria required for membership gives you a roadmap. You start an indisputable process with no hesitations for development of your city. The membership provides you a universal, international roadmap. It puts you to a league, standard as same as any developed city around the world. This is the greatest advantage that distinguishes you from other cities. When you apply such criteria, you will have a roadmap that will embrace your city better”.

Mr. Soyer highlighted that each of Cittaslow member cities is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and, having 17 members, we are the world’s 4th country with the highest number of Cittaslow members. With this organization, we can and we must set an example in Turkey.”
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