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​A Visit from the Ambassador of Kosovo to Ankara, Dugolli

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The Ambassador of the Republic of Kosova to Ankara, Ilir Dugolli visited the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, in his office. During the meeting, the idea of becoming sister cities of a city of Kosovo and Izmir was brought to the agenda.

The Mayor, Soyer met his guests at the door. Soyer and Ilir Dugolli drew attention to the importance of relations between the countries. In the meeting which emphasized that the crises have also created the new opportunities, the Mayor, Soyer, said that a city from Kosova and Izmir could be sister cities. Soyer stated that a significant portion of İzmir's population has its roots in the Balkans. The Ambassador Ilir Dugolli also said that sports camps or student exchange programs could be organized to develop relations between the cities. In the visit, the Mayor, Tunç Soyer gave a model of Clock Tower as a gift to his guest.
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