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Information about the restaurants and cafeterias run by our municipality is available in this page.
Asansör Restaurant
Şehit Nihat Bey Caddesi No:76/A Karataş - İzmir &
Dario Moreno Sokak No: 42 Karataş - İzmir
Tel: 0.232.293 47 80 and 85
Asansör Restaurant capacity: 110 guests,
Teras Café: capacity: 80 guests,
Ceneviz Bar: capacity: 70 guests

Asansör Restaurant: 19.00 – 24:00 (reservation required)
Teras Cafe: 09:00- 24:00
Ceneviz Bar is closed in summer
The Restaurant mainly serves dishes from the French and Mediterranean cuisine. Each section has live music performances from classical Turkish music to pop.
İnciraltı Center for Disabled Cafeteria
Bahçelerarası M.Bakü Bulvarı İnciraltı Center for Disabled – İnciraltı- İzmir
0.232.259 89 22
The facility’s capacity is up to 237 guests.
It is open between 08:00 and 19:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays and between 08:00 and 22:00 on every other day.
The cafeteria serves toasts, sandwiches and grills with hot and cold beverages.
Yassıcaada Cafeteria
Yassıcaada (German Island) Urla – İzmir
Central Office 0.232.293 47 00 - 01
During the week, one ferry brings 500 people to the island whereas two ferries bring 1000 people at the weekends.
The island ferry calls on Karşıyaka Ferry Port at 08:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
At the weekends, one ferry departs from Karşıyaka and one ferry from Konak at 09:00. The ferries leave the island at 18:00.
The café serves hamburgers, French fries, meatballs, döner and cold sandwiches. If you want, you can make a picnic basket of cold dishes but barbeque pit is not allowed in the island. The market has a large selection of products you might need.
Bostanlı Yasemin Cafe – Restaurant
Bostanlı Sahil Bulvarı, Across Beşikcioğlu Mosque  Bostanlı - İzmir
0.232.293 47 51 - 0.232.293 47 49
The café serves breakfast dishes, fast food meals, ribs, pizzas, meatballs and pastas with special sauces as well as a variety of desserts.
Izmir Wild Life Park Cafeterias Sasalı
Tel: 0232 293 49 42 - 43
Kuğulu Cafeteria:  capacity: 250 people Develi Café: capacity: 150 people
The café serves fast food and desserts.
You may get here in 45 minutes by taking bus 777 from Karşıyaka Ferry Port. There are two cafes and a souvenir shop in this area. The park closing hours might vary in summer and winter.
Historical Coal Gas Factory Art Café - across Alsancak Port - Alsancak
0.232.293 47 55 - 463 54 63
Indoor seating capacity: 268 people
Hours: 08:00 - 22:00
The café serves breakfast dishes, fast food meals, pizzas, pastas with special sauces as well as a variety of desserts. The café has a 122-car parking lot.
Balçova Lift Facilities
0 232 293 47 28
The lift is open every day from 10:00 till 22:00, excluding Mondays. You will get off the last lift at 23:00. The closing hour might vary in winter.
The lift is free for the children at and under the age of 5 and the round-trip fee is 6 TRY in 2019.
There is a market in the lift as well as a turkish pancake – dumplings house, two-floor countryside café serving appetizers;
Park Café serves food such as ice cream, cotton candy and boiled born,
Grand Café serves grills
Budak Café serves fast food and cold-hot beverages
 “Grill House” located on the peak of this facility offers supervised grill service. The visitors might buy meat from the grill house and grill these meats and cold cuts on the grills prepared for them.
Bornova Aşık Veysel Gölet Café
0 232 293 47 00 - 01
The café is open from May to September and serves sandwiches and such buffet items as well as hot and cold drinks such as tea and coffee.
Eşrefpaşa Hospital Cafeteria, Yenişehir-İzmir
0.232.293 47 71
This café is located in the garden of Eşrefpaşa Hospital run by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
The café sells food items as well as selling other supplies that might be useful to the inpatients and their attendants.