Our care and rehabilitation centers for dog 

While the straggler dogs in the streets are brought by the district municipalities, ill, old dogs in need of care not nursed by their owners are brought, too. Dogs coming are recorded in the computer and medicines against internal and external parasites are administered and they are observed for 10 days. 
During this process, the ones being ill are treated, in the end of this process, dogs are neutered and they are vaccinated against rabies and earrings with the numbers are clipped on their left ears and they are delivered to the authorized persons of the district municipality with a certificate to leave them to the place where they have been taken. 
Sasali dog care center carries on its activities as a care center where stray dogs are rehabilitated, dogs for which it is impossible to live in streets (disabled, aggressive, blind, etc.) or which are not in the harmony with the society are controlled, care, nutrition and treatments of dogs for which an owner cannot be found are carried out.
Dogs brought and left by their owners are kept at our care center till a family to own the dogs is found. Care and feeding of all animals are done with dry feed. All people older than 16-years old and desiring to own a dog can be the owner of a dog free of charge with identity card, collar and chain following visiting our care center. Our care centers are open on Saturdays and Mondays.
Transport to Isikkent dog care center

The bus with no 277 departing at bus terminal passes Isikkent care center. Isikkent care center is located in Bornova Isikkent, Ayakkabicilar Sitesi, along the ring road of Bornova- Buca. After passing the ring road Isikkent junction, you can access the care house by entering Gokdere village road in front of Dokumculer sitesi. 
There are route signs on the road.
Isikkent dog care center Tel: 437 02 07 - 08
Kucuk Hayvan polyclinic 
Care and treatments of street animals are carried out at our polyclinic. Street cats are neutered free of charge with an appointment to be got by calling 293 39 80. 3 days after following anti-parasitic medicine injections for the street animals, they are neutered, cats are fed with dry feed till the operation and treatments of the ill ones are completed. Following the operation, notch in V form is made to their left ears and they are delivered to the person bringing them.
Practices for care and treatments of owned animals have not been carried out at Kucuk Hayvan polyclinic since 1st May 2012 in accordance with the letters of provincial directorate of food, agriculture livestock dated 12.03.2012 and no b.12.4.ilm.0.35.03/10319.
Tel:293 3980  Fax: 483 69 37
Complaints of animal houses
They are inspected on site by the audit team of veterinary affairs branch office in line with the complaint petitions filed to our metropolitan municipality in written.  A minute is written for the places not fulfilling the requirements and time warning is served. When the time expires, the conformity with the warning is controlled. Penalty report is issued for the persons or organizations not complying with the warning. The relevant institutions are informed for taking necessary action for license and other procedures about the complaint. 
Trainings for pet shop employees and local protection officers 
Within the scope of the law of animal welfare no 5199, mandatory trainings for persons working at shops of pets are carried out in cooperation with Izmir chamber of veterinaries and persons completing the trainings are awarded certificates. 
Our veterinaries are appointed as the trainer at the trainings held by district municipalities for the animal lovers applying to the provincial directorate of environment and forestry to become a local animal protection officer within the scope of law of the animal welfare and certificates are granted to the participants.
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