Licensing activities of business places are carried out within the framework of provisions of regulation on business and licenses entering into force after published in the official journal dated 10.08.2005 and no 25902. 
Businesses are classified as follows within the scope of this regulation;
- Class 1 G.S.M. (Fueling or fuel storage facility, cement plants, etc.)
- Class 2 G.S.M (fuel and LPG stations, cigarette plants, car maintenance and service stations, etc.)
- Class 3 G.S.M (dry cleaning, pastry, bagel production facilities, etc.) 
- Sanitary establishments (hairdresser, restaurant, patisserie, etc.)
- Public recreational places (coffee house, internet cafe, public houses, hotel, etc.).
In accordance with the law of metropolitan municipality no 5216 and law of municipality no 5393;
- Business licenses are granted by metropolitan municipalities for class 1 G.S.M and class 2 G.S.M gas and LPG stations, 
- Business licenses are granted by the district municipalities for class 2 and 3 G.S.M sanitary and public recreational places.
Izmir metropolitan municipality carries out the following activities: 
- Licensing and auditing all class 1 G.S.M in area adjacent to the metropolitan (Except listed in mining law), 
- Licensing and auditing fuel and LPG stations in accordance with municipal law no 5393 (inspite of being within the scope of class 2 G.S.M in the regulation)
- Licensing and auditing of business places in the areas established or operated by the metropolitan municipality under the responsibility of the metropolitan municipality,
- Granting business license for holidays, 
- Evaluation of complaints about the business places.
An application for all procedures such as license, etc. can be filed to Izmir metropolitan municipality department of environment protection and control Konak Izmir in line with the above information.
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