Collecting floating liquid and solid wastes in gulf

Routine inspection and services are carried on within the scope of activities of protecting environment and preventing environmental pollution and gulf pollution, our staff comprising of land team and sea broom rented, environment 1 boat collect garbage from land and sea every day.

Monitoring gulf water quality

Following the implementing Great Channel Project, samples of sea water have been taken at 11 stations designated in Izmir Gulf for the purpose of monitoring the water quality regularly since 2001 and sent to laboratories of Hifzisihha Institute or General directorate of IZSU for suspended solid, total coliform and fecal coliform analysis and results obtained are examined by our team.
Analysis results are published on internet site of our municipality.

Monitoring air quality

Routine and complaint- led audits are carried out in Izmir adjacent area in line with the authority granted by the ministry of environment and urban planning to ensure that central heating is started up by the trained persons, maintenance and cleaning of chimneys and boiler are carried out at the buildings to minimize air pollution.

“Permits of sales” of the coals offered for sale for heating are controlled, samples are taken, quality controls are evaluated in accordance with the standards specified in the resolutions of local environment board.

Expansion of measurement network of air pollution

Air pollution and air quality, measurement results obtained from total 4 stations 3 of them are measurement and one of them is mobile are monitored by the computer at the center instantly.

Karsiyaka measurement station ( SO2 ,dustiness , NOX, CO)
Bornova, Guzelyali and Bayrakli measurement stations ( SO2 and dustiness )
Alsancak Measurement station (PM, S02, dustiness, C0,N0x ,03 )
Sirinyer and Cigli measurement stations (S02, dustiness)


Noise control

Noises arising from entertainment and machines of the business places and businesses being continuous are controlled. Directorate of municipal police carries out an inspection for instant, temporarily noise not being continuous. The citizens apply in written for the controls of continuous noise. You may apply to Citizen Contact Center for information about the noise pollution, recommendation and complaints.

Authority for the noise was transferred to Konak, Bornova, Aliaga, Karsiyaka and Bayrakli district municipalities, Seferihisar and Torbali municipalities with the letters of the ministry of environment and urban planning and any kinds of inspections, permits and sanctions related to the noise are realized by the relevant municipalities in these districts.

Pest control and disinfestation

Pest control is carried out by 18 teams and in 21 districts (Buca, Balcova, Guzelbahce, Narlidere, Gaziemir, Karsiyaka, Cigli, Konak, Bornova, Karabaglar, Bayrakli, Urla, Kemalpasa, Aliaga, Foca, Menderes, Menemen, Seferihisar, Selcuk, Torbali, Bayindir) in open areas periodically based on a certain program year round.

Larva control in wetlands

The protection of environment and public health is aimed by means of keeping populations of vector (Carrier) such as mosquito, blackfly, Mouse, flea, tick, cockroach distributing the public health peace defined as the city pests at the level not threatening the public health, preventing the spread of diseases such as malaria, typhoid, typhus, cholera, encephalitis, yellow fever, west nile fever to be transmitted by these vectors, and using conscious and scientific control methods with the products in biocidal products.

Disinfection is carried out regularly at schools and public transportation vehicles against infectious disease risk.

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Pest Control UNIT TEL: 293 37 14 - 293 37 15


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